I created The Language of Food to expose children to three of the most important aspects of life in France, my country of origin: The food, the language, and the culture.

I thought it would be fun for kids to view my country through these lenses. They could become familiar with the food and the language and, at the same time, I would provide them with a unique experience that would enrich their lives and broaden their horizons. With this simple goal in mind, The Language of Food was born.

The Language of Food is a cooking program rooted in French culture, consisting of various classes especially for kids during which they learn to create authentic French dishes and pastries drawn from the classic French repertoire, while learning the language related to the recipes.

I started cooking at the age of 8, and have always enjoyed sharing the experience of creating wonderful food with others. Cooking involves many techniques and secrets passed down through family, friends, and teachers, and it creates an important bond between generations, people, and cultures. I want The Language of Food to nurture those bonds, and to enrich the life experience of its participants.

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