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The Language of Food offers cooking classes designed for children ages 3-5, 6-12 and teens. They will learn the basics of French cooking and baking, making the most famous French dishes and pastries in a bilingual setting.

The children will go through every step of the creation of the dishes and will be proud to bring home the wonderful results of their efforts. In addition, they will learn all the French vocabulary relating to the ingredients, recipes and techniques in a fun environment.

"I believe that arts and crafts activities for children are an excellent aid to learning a language, while developing their creative skills and an awareness of the world they live in." — Marie Nicoletti

These classes are offered by Marie Nicoletti, a native of France, whose interest in food and cultures led her to start studying cooking at the age of 8. In the private school that she later attended, cooking and nutrition classes were used to promote responsibility in the young students and were considered just as important as the rest of the curriculum. Marie believes this still applies today.

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